Fortified: Firm in Faith

The term metamorphic is an adjective relating to a rock that has been transformed by undergoing a process involving heat, pressure or other adverse conditions. If I had to choose only one truth that is common to all people on earth, it would be that all people will at some point will have to face difficult situations. Adverse conditions are as common to the human condition as birth, growth, reproduction, love and death. However, we are not our circumstances, we are victors OVER and ABOVE them.

A Time For Everything……

I’ve experienced every season of life. I’ve had ups, and downs. I’ve been in and out of love. I have celebrated successes and mourned over failures. Yet, as this very moment in my life I can say with a heart full of gratitude, that I would not trade places with anyone else. My story is mine…….ALLLLLLLL Mine!! All my story hasn’t been pretty, and I’m still dealing with the consequences of bad decisions, but I am no longer just surviving, but I am thriving! And, it’s all because of the Love, and Grace of My Heavenly Father.

Yes, I do have some regrets, but regrets are just proof that I’ve gained the wisdom I was supposed to gain from each lesson of my life. I use to suffer from having an inferiority complex and struggled with low self-esteem. I was paralyzed with fear and would often not take advantage of new experiences, while sabotaging great business opportunities, and relationships. I believed life held no joy, and good things wouldn’t happen for me because it seemed as if everything in my life was going wrong. I lacked peace of mind, and I had no Joy. I was overwhelmed, confused and alone.

Life is Like A Game of Chess

Life is like a game of chess, every move you make can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, but we are to keep moving forward. Today, I feel like the Apostle Paul, “Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.” (Philippians 3:12-14).  I can not pretend that I have attained all of the goals that I have set for my life, nor can I say at this moment that I have the man of my dreams (since I’m still single), but I can honestly say that I enjoy the growth and wisdom I have gained from every trial, and every experience of my life.

 Now, the Just Shall Live by Faith………

I am learning everyday what it means to live by faith. I have a joyful expectation that God will give me the desires of my heart. Although, for now I am in a season of waiting, I am experiencing the Lord’s faithful provision for my life. More importantly, I know that I am seated in the Heavenly Places with Christ. Challenges and problems seem so small from this ascended position, and I am anxious for nothing.

 I am more aware of his presence, and I hear him speaking to me more clearly than the day before. I AM so in love with him and his good plan for my life.  Faith without works is pointless, and I am excited to learn new skills, enjoy new cuisines, travel to new places and meet wonderful people. I know that in order to elevate to the new heights and levels God is taking me to will require Faith, Courage and Boldness. There will always be challenges to face, and obstacles to overcome, but Christ has already overcome them all. So, until then I’ll be dancing, and embracing all the joy my heart can hold.  I’m here for it ALL !

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