You Win: Surrender and Success

Living in a posture of Surrender is a better way to live. In contrast, attempting to control the outcomes of situations beyond our control leaves you exhausted, mean and resentful. Webster defines surrender as: to agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc, because you know that you will not win or succeed: to give the control or use of something to someone else.

Culture has taught us to revere independence. Popular culture touts, “It’s your life do as you please.”  A song made popular by the Isley Brothers said, “It’s your thing do what you wanna do, I can’t tell you, who to sock it too.” However, this secular paradigm, is in stark contrast to living a righteous, and God Blessed life. Granted, I’m not saying, being self-sufficient is bad, but I am saying living apart from the will of God is totally Bad.

It is impossible to be a believer, and still want to remain in control of your life. Jesus taught, “whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it again.” (See Mark 8:35) Yes, to be a believer is to give up control of your life. However, this does not remove your ability to make decisions. On the contrary it enhances your decision making and its outcomes. Surrender is placing total reliance in the plan and will of the Father. It’s a faith walk, a life of constantly saying, “Nevertheless, not my will, but your will be done.” I’m convinced, GOD Is ALWAYS Right! Let God be true!

I’m a Hot Head!

I’ve been told that I’m Hot headed at times. And, if I’m being totally honest, I agree. It’s just that I’m seriously passionate about who I love, and what I believe. 😊 Yet, sometimes my delivery can be a bit brash, not usually. But, occasionally, yes! 😊 When I’m convinced, I’m convinced.

However, as I’ve had to learn over the past year to everything there is a time and season. Circumstances and people change all the time and maintaining an inflexible stance when everything around you is changing and shifting is stagnating; it’s Destructive! Personally, God revealed my own pride. I believed I knew better than God. The Nerve, Right ?!?!  But how can the clay say to the Potter to do this or that? 

Now, daily I’m intentional about shifting my mindset from seeing surrender as a sign of defeat. Daily, I’m finding the beauty in living a life totally surrendered to the leading of Jesus Christ. Each day, I’m being graced with new strength to face daily challenges. Truly, in my life God is making a way for me, out of NO WAY! Thank you, Lord! 😊

Surrendering is Good

Growth requires risk. Likewise, surrender requires Trust. Trust in the power of a sovereign God who absolutely Loves you. He has an awesome dream for your life. His thoughts toward you are peace and prosperity. (See Jeremiah 29:11)

Truly, God delights in the way of the Righteous and his love and protection are upon those who acknowledge his name. Jeremiah the prophet said, “LORD, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps.”  I used to think that was a scary idea, to fathom that I’m not the master of my own life was crazy, but that’s because I was afraid of GOD.

 I used to view GOD as a mean dictator. But, now that I know him as a loving Father, I gladly yield my own ways to him. Just as Jesus did. Now, I’m all too happy and excited to fall to my knees, with my hands uplifted as I cry, “I Surrender All to you.” From the first moment of my surrendered encounter with God, until now, He hasn’t failed me yet, and he NEVER will!

7 Reasons Surrender is Beneficial

  1. It Alleviates the Burden of Worry- Detaching from the outcome of any situation liberates you. It decreases anxiety and increases your ability to handle unpredictability.
  2. It Cultivates an Attitude of Gratitude- The Lust of the eye is the Pride of Life. Instead of discontentment, you learn to develop an authentic appreciation for what you have, while maintaining a healthy desire to growth and attainment.
  3. It Builds Trust- You learn to trust in God’s best for you. It increases your faith; you start believing God really will supply all your Needs.
  4. It Brings you Peace- With anxiety gone, you will experience a peace which surpasses all understanding. God’s got you covered!
  5. It Creates Efficiency- No longer trying to control situations and circumstances that are beyond your control creates time to pursue other interests, and hobbies you may not have had the space to pursue before.
  6. It makes you Nicer- Let’s Face it, you’re no fun to be around when you’re always PRESSED! Surrendering, makes you peaceful, and joyful to be around.
  7. It Brings you Success- Surrendering to God’s plan leads to having good success. Why wouldn’t it, with God ordering your steps he will always lead you to victory.

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Let There Be Light: Erasing Mental Confusion

State of Confusion

Over the past year, I’ve experienced some pretty exciting, and stressful life changes. I begun a new job, moved, endured the unraveling of relationships, explored new business ventures, and started a blog 😊. All these circumstances presented their own unique challenges, and benefits. And, while I am grateful for every circumstance of life (benefits of contentment), at times I still feel stuck as I grapple with mental confusion.

Now, granted there are some who battle mental confusion due to an underlying disease, but my confusion is more closely related to information overload, stress and sometimes fatigue. However, mental confusion can also be the result of feeling as if you are not connected to your purpose. Purposelessness is stressful and unfulfilling. While lying across my bed, the Holy Spirit led me to explore the remedy for purposelessness, and it was found in the book of Genesis.

In the Beginning

Although, Genesis is the story of how the world came into existence, the Holy spirit began to reveal to me another aspect of the story. An aspect I had never considered before. More specifically, I began to see how the creation story also related to the human psyche. For those of you who need a refresher, see Below😊:

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness covered the face of the watery depths, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” Genesis 1: 2-3

At the beginning, the earth was a giant gaseous ball of confusion. It had no function, and whenever there is no function, there is no purpose, and without purpose there is chaos. Confusion is defined as a lack of understanding, uncertainty, or the state of being bewildered.  However, this confusion was disrupted when God spoke “Let there be light.” I found this fascinating, because God spoke light into existence even before he created or called forth the Son (that’s another discussion 😊). At any rate, this phrase “Let there be Light” began to take on new meaning to me. In other words, something in me, began to Illuminate.

The Origins of Light

Light is produced deep within the Suns core via a process known as Fusion. Fusion is an intense interaction between the nuclei of two atoms merging into a new element. This process creates a photon, the particles of light that are released from the sun. Interestingly, it takes 40,000 years for these particles to travel from the innermost core to the surface of the sun. Once, these light particles reach the sun’s surface, it takes 8 minutes for this illumination to travel 93 million miles to Earth….WOW!!!! (You can read more about this fascinating phenomenon here by NASA). But, how does this relate?? Hang with me.

The Sun is vital to life on earth. It provides us light during the day and is vital to completing many tasks. Also, Light is vital to establishing order. Truly, the Sun in my opinion is the most fascinating star. But, in a spiritual sense light is revelation. Light is Life. God, himself is Light (See 1 John 1:5). And, just as the sun is vital to our existence, so is revelation and enlightenment of God’s will and purpose for our lives.

The Greek word “Psyche” means life or soul. It is where we derive the word psychology, which is the study of human behavior. Our souls are at the CORE of who we are. It is the place where our will, thoughts and emotions dwell.  I believe, we are whatever we allow our souls to interact with the most.  Proverbs 23:7, says “As a man thinks, so is he.” And much like the Earth during its Genesis, our souls start out being empty and void. We are shaped by what we focus our Eye (Mind, Soul) on. “If your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body is full of darkness” (Matthew 6:22).

 In other words, we do not function properly without the presence of the true source of Light. And, there is only One Light.  Confusion is a result of walking in the dark. So, when I am confused, it’s a signal that there is darkness clouding my understanding, and I am disconnected from the Light. The Light is Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, it is evidence that I have not fully put a matter under the Lord’s care.

Now, I truly believe I know my purpose in life.  However, being more aware of your purpose doesn’t totally eradicate feelings of confusion if you are still unsure of the steps it takes to get there. Knowing your assignment in life means you need more direction and guidance on how to move towards your purpose.

 Often the process it takes to close the gap between you and your destiny can be so intensely frustrating, that it causes information overload and discouragement. In addition, it can make you impatient.  And, this is the state I found myself in.  

Let There Be Light

In Genesis, the first command God spoke was “Let there be light.” Before he shaped and created the universe, he established light and it was very good. In parallel, before I can work or serve, light (understanding) needs to be established within me as well. Wisdom is the principal thing; Get wisdom and in all your getting get UNDERSTANDING. You can’t apply to your life what you don’t Understand (See Proverbs 4:5-7).  In this, the Holy Spirit began to teach me to pray a very powerful prayer. And, I am honored to share it with you now.

So, if you are in a place of purpose confusion right now, or maybe you just need more clarity, and help with strategy formulation, then declare “Let there be light.”  You don’t have to yell or scream it out loud. Unless, of course you feel the need to do so. Then, by ALL means, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!”

Inevitably, when there is light, there must also be OBEDIENCE.

In the past, I would shut down, and engage in self-defeating behavior as discussed in last week’s post. However, today I’m learning to PRESS pass this disorientation, and I gain success when I pray “Let there Be Light.” Granted, success may manifest by gaining more peace, more rest, and more faith.  But you can be sure that he who begun a good work in you is faithful and just to complete it.  

Just because you don’t yet see the full manifestation of the promise doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening.

Discouraged? Then,

Consider again the origins of light. The light you see today, was produced 40,000 years ago! The moment you had that BRILLIANT idea, the moment you had that GLORIOUS desire, that was the moment GOD Fused with your SOUL and created Light! Don’t despise the day of your small beginnings, God is Producing Light and Abundance in you. And, it’s ALL for JESUS! All for HIS Namesake, not ours (See Psalm 23). God wants to see his goodness manifested in your life even more than You do! So, don’t let grief and despair overtake you! So, go ahead and Kiss the SONshine, and LET THERE BE LIGHT!